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Special Offer, Free Site Evaluation and Report, Limited Time Only - Now Thru Labor Day - Stäfe Design and Development
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How well do you really know the current state of your site?

Do you know what isn’t updated and what is?
Do you know how many error pages google sees when it crawls your site?
Do you know that your site is running as optimally as it could?
Do you know if your site has been hacked or compromised?

The majority of businesses can’t answer YES to any of those questions and worse, they aren’t even asking them.

Knowing the state of your website is like an athlete knowing the health of their own body. For an athlete, knowing if something isn’t working right means they can easily fix it or address the problem and get back to optimal performance. Websites, unfortunately, don’t get that level of attention especially if you don’t have a dedicated web team working on them. Businesses can lose money, time, opportunities and more because of unforeseen issues that can have huge impacts or potentially damaging consequences.

Not to worry though! We have a very awesome special offer for you!

Simply fill out the form above and you will receive a FREE Site Evaluation and Report detailing the health and functionality of your site.

What’s included in your report?

  • Page Error Stats
  • Website Speed analysis
  • Site vulnerabilities
  • DNS review
  • SEO Evaluation
  • and much more!

Aren’t there websites that do that for me?

Yes, there are some. However, they only give you a piece of the picture. We will evaluate your site using a myriad of tools and make observations from all the data, not just a piece of it.

What do I do if something is wrong?

That’s up to you. In our evaluation, we will cite any issues we find and also give you recommendations as to what should be done to fix it. Sometimes, the issues we find might not be a solution that requires us at all. What you do with the information we provide to you is completely up to you.

Wait, that seems a little fishy that you want nothing out of it… whats the real scoop?

Actually, there is no real scoop. If you know the issues facing your website, then now you have that knowledge and if you fix the issue, then that is one more website that might be safe from being hacked and sending out spam or worse, being a site that people can steal information from.