Design + Development


Web Design

Our websites are completely interactive and responsive in design. We utilize creative and strategic elements that are engaging and exciting to your visitors.

Email Marketing

We have been building emails for our business customers for over 10 years and understand how to engage your customers and communicate your messages effectively.

Brand Identity

We create websites that stand the test of time focussing on current results and future growth. We fuse current content, design and functionality that aligns with your brand—your personality and promise to the world.

Photo/Media Content

Don’t trust a mobile phone to tell the world about your business, make your media the cornerstone. We understand how to tell your story through photography and video.


Web Development Solutions

We build effective and custom web solutions for new or existing sites based on analysis, user needs, proper content, graphics and underlying structure.


Our robust eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining completely customizable to your specific needs.


The theme is the face of your website and plays an important role in how users as well as search engines perceive it. We help you decide the best design for your needs.


Everything else covers it all. With programming, all problems have a solution. With enough focus, all solutions can be found. 



The first level of support, and really the most important and recommended to all of our clients, is our BASIC PACKAGE. In summary, it means that your site will be updated and monitored so that you don’t have to worry about it.


The VIP PACKAGE is our BASIC Package offers PLUS (2) TWO hours of requested dedicated website support (e.g. updating text, creating links, forms, client-side programming, etc). Perfect for small website changes or additions as well as minor SEO updates and Analytics reporting. 


As you may have guessed, it’s everything that our BASIC and VIP packages offer but there’s more! You get (5) FIVE hours of requested dedicated website support. You can also borrow from the future for larger jobs! Of course, all of our clients get our attention, but when our EXECUTIVE Members submit a request on their own dedicated queue, it gets taken care of immediately.

Site Security Monitoring (including Load & Access monitoring and Error Reporting monitoring)
CMS security updates and modifications to ensure site compatibility
Theme Version Updates and modifications to ensure site compatibility and security
Plugin Updates and modifications to ensure site compatibility and security
Outage handling and regression
Daily independent database backup for regression purposes
Server based code modifications including:
  • Configurations required on the hosting server to ensure the correct functioning of any currently available aspect of the site
  • Firewall configurations for third party access
  • User creation and access configuration for CMS
Maintenance notices to be issued for the following:
  • Any modifications made to the live site for purposes of maintenance
  • The scheduling of any modifications made to the live site that result in outage, site accessibility, or feature accessibility.
  • Status reporting on any site outage or critical issue
Logging – all modification to the site will be logged in an accessible manner to the Client for historical and reporting purposes.
(2) Two hours of requested dedicated web support.
(5) Two hours of requested dedicated web support. Can borrow from future hours for larger tasks.

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