Having a friend who knows a lot about cars is really handy to talk to when buying a new car… or to get a free opinion when you car starts making a funky noise. 

Taking something into the shop with some idea of what the issue is helps you save money and make informed decisions. 

Staefe Design & Development offers a FREE 30 minute Consulting Session for any business with absolutely zero obligation to buy services.

Free Consulting: What's Included


30 minute phone or video meeting in which any question can be asked regarding any aspect of your business technology.


Our 100% earnest knowledge and our best attempt to give as much useful information regarding your needs as possible.

Beyond 30 Minutes

Sometimes, 30 minutes is all you need to get you pointed in the right direction. Other times, you need more. 

In addition to simply answering one time questions or explaining the process that might be involved in a project, SDD also offers the following consultation services:

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