Our Clients: Plaza Hotel & Casino

The Plaza website project has a very special place in the heart of SDD.

Prior to creating Stäfe Design & Development, Chris Staefe was the Development Manager and Lead Developer at IMIVegas. This internet marketing firm was awarded the contract of rebuilding the Plaza Hotel and Casino website so that the SEO and marketability of this historic casino can evolve as Las Vegas has around it. Completed and launched in May 2015, this site launch was pivotal to the success of IMIVegas and the responsibility rested solely on Chris’ shoulders to successfully develop and launch this website. This was also the first major casino website built entirely in WordPress in a custom developed responsive and template.

The Plaza site was designed by contract resources outside of IMIVegas. However, all functionality, internal data functioning, development, and site launch was completed by Chris. The next day after launch, Stäfe Design & Development was created.

The website had three versions upon launch: a desktop site, a mobile site, and a tablet site that were designed to accommodate and propel users through to easy access of room, dining, and entertainment reservations. These three versions of the site were integrated and responsively triggered.