Talented coders and designers are only half the story. Being able to communicate and listen is the other half. The complexities that can arise during a project can easily be mitigated with good communication. Fears can be allayed, hesitance can give way to confidence and expectations can be easily surpassed. We’ve developed a successful method of progressing clients through large scale projects and outlining responsibilities, check points, deliverables, and metrics for success that make the process easy, manageable, and stressless.

Chris Staefe

Owner / Creative Director

Being the owner of a thriving company has made Chris very happy, it wasn’t too long ago that he was not the owner of a thriving web design and development company, but instead, was simply the Development Manager at IMIVegas. Prior to that, his development expertise was employed at Zappos.com. And so on… and so forth… for nearly 15 years.

Having honed his skills as a consummate knower of linux terminal, css, php, MySql and more, Chris took a several year break to pursue his dreams of performing as a circus acrobat and fire dancer in Las Vegas. After performing at almost every major casino on the strip, and even a few not so major, Chris returned to web dev refreshed and eager to learn again.

Now, two years into Stäfe Design & Development, the groove of entertaining has fully transformed into the groove of helping small businesses reach their potential.

Tori Nakano

Accounts Executive

In her former life, Tori spent literally thousands of hours as a fine dining chef creating and working hard to live up to her ridiculous appearances on Cutthroat Kitchen and Guys Grocery Games.  As our Account Executive, Tori’s role is an important one. She brings with her the experience of running her own restaurants and catering companies with ever changing environments.  She is firmly educated with world class customer service skills as well as having a strong marketing background. What is unique about Tori are her abilities when working with our clients. She thinks artistically while still being able to work on the analytic ‘nuts and bolts’ with urgency and determination.

When Tori isn’t working for us, we often find her doing cartwheels whenever there is room. She finds joy in knowing that tacos are the best vehicle for bringing food to her mouth, and iced coffee is the bringer of goodness.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.

Our Partners

Being able to leverage passion and strength is what not only creates success, but empowers creativity and excellence.

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